The Ultimate Cars Collection Book is now live!

It has over 100 pages and contains the stories from all three of the Cars films. There are also an additional five stories that do not appear in any of the Cars films, plus the book starts with a story that is personalised to feature your child!

The personalised nature of the book continues, with your child’s name appearing at the top of every page in the book. Their name is also embossed on the front cover, and it appears on the opening page of the book, alongside a personalised message! The Cars fan in your life will not be able to stop saying thank you!

We’ve already touched upon the content of the Cars Ultimate Collection, but let’s break it down into a little more detail.

The book opens up with a story all about your child. They become part of the Cars universe, the home of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and all the other characters from the Cars film series. Will they be able to win the big race?


Next up is the story of the original Cars film. Released in 2006, Cars was a massive hit around the world, and tells the story of rookie race-car Lighting McQueen and his fateful meeting with the retired Doc Hudson and the other cars of Radiator Springs. With his new friends, Lightning is ready to challenge for the Piston Cup Championship.

Cars 2

With the success of Cars, it was inevitable that there would be a sequel, and sure enough, Cars 2 was released in 2011. In the Cars Ultimate Collection, Cars 2 immediately follows Cars, and another adventure for Lightning McQueen and his pals. Lightning is focused on attempting to win the newly formed World Grand Prix, whilst his best friend Mater the tow-truck inadvertently becomes a spy, as he tries to uncover a sinister plot led by criminal masterminds.

Cars 3

The story of Cars 3 follows. The film was released in 2017, eleven years since the original.The Ultimate Collection book tells the story of the film, as Lightning McQueen struggles to keep up with the new generation of race-cars. He enlists the help of race car trainer Cruz Ramirez to help him prepare for the first race of the new season, and to get ahead of the next-gen super cars.


The Ultimate Cars Collection continues with five further mini-stories. These stories feature all of your favourite characters but are not told in any of the films.

Mater & The Easter Buggy

Mater the tow-truck is excited for Easter, and more specifically the Easter-Buggy. He hatches a plan to wake up when the Easter Buggy arrives, so he can meet them. Lightning is sceptical of the buggy’s existence however and crafts his own plan to make sure Mater isn’t disappointed. His plan however, does not go quite the way he wants!

Racing For Good

The Radiator Springs Speedway is due to host a charity race, after Lightning McQueen agreed to help his fellow race-car Jeff Gorvette. The race will feature a lot of Lightning’s old rivals, including the mischievous Chick Hicks. Will Chick manage to behave himself?

Rally To The Finish!

It is the first-ever Black Forest Rally Race Invitational in Germany, and Lightning McQueen is thrilled to be given an invite! Mater, of course goes along too, but is soon lost within the forest! Can Lightning save Mater, and win the race?

Ice Racers

Moscow in Russia is the host for the third event of the Transcontinental Race of Champions. Can Lightning and the rest of the competitors negotiate the tricky icy conditions? Some tough decisions will need to be made!

For The Love Of Racing

The final story in the book concentrates on Lightning and Cruz Ramirez from Cars 3. Cruz is struggling to become a true racer, so it’s up to her friends Lightning and Sally to show her the true meaning of racing!

Top Of The Gift Podium

The Ultimate Cars Collection Book will keep children entertained for hours, there is just so much content! It is filled with animations from the original films, and of course they will love seeing their name appear!

Birthday’s, Christmas, any occasion. The Ultimate Cars Collections is the ideal gift.The book is also available in two sizes: the A4 standard, and then the deluxe version which is approximately A3 in size. The A4 version comes in a free white gift box, with the cover embossed in silver foil with the Disney Castle logo. The A3 version is presented in a black gift box, with the same logo embossed in gold.

Add the Ultimate Cars Collection to your listings today!

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