Earth Island’s 2018 Solution Awards are a celebration of companies who have pushed the boundaries of innovation in print, packaging and design in the last 12 months. After reaching the final in 2017, we at Signature Gifts are hoping to go one better this year with two of our products that have been nominated. We’d like to go into more detail about the Disney Cars Collection Book & The Book About You which have been nominated in the ‘Solutions for Books’ and ‘Solutions for Digital’ categories respectively, and why their production warrants acclaim from prestigious award ceremonies.

The Cars Collection Book

The Cars Collection Book is one of many personalised Disney licensed books that Signature Gifts offer their clients and contains the stories of all the Cars movies, plus additional stories not seen on the big screen. More can be read about the contents of the book here, but here we are focusing on what makes the book look and feel like the premium product it deserves to be.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the paper quality.The Cars Collection is already a real page-turner, but with Pro Design 120 gsm paper used, each page is soft and smooth to the touch and helps each illustration in the book look as bold and as vivid as the animations from the films. Pro Design is a high white super smooth paper manufactured to give outstanding results on all toner based digital colour printers. Extensive tests were carried out on our i300 inkjet to confirm suitability. Pro Design performed better than other special inkjet treated stock, giving superior results.

The printer used to create these pages is Canon’s i300 Digital Press, which we have a little more on here. The i300 is a fantastic printer that is especially useful for us as it can print out variable data at high speeds, perfect for the Cars Collection Book which needs variable data due to the personalised names that feature throughout. It means we can produce bespoke books with an incredibly quick turnaround, our customers will receive their orders within 4 working days of placing it with us.

The Cars Collection book is available in A4 and A3 sizes, and both are bound in a cover made of red plano cloth. The cover of the book features the famous Disney and Pixar logos, as well as the Cars logo and an image of the film’s hero, Lightning McQueen. The recipient’s name is also included. These features are all embossed with silver and black foil using a hot foil stamping, a traditional method of embossing that ensures the durability of the design, meaning even the youngest of hands will be unable to scratch it off. The cover design is rounded off by a border which has been designed to resemble a chequered flag, again this has been embossed in black foil.

The combination of paper quality, specialist printer, and traditional embossing methods make the Cars Collection a high-quality product, which when combined with the Disney name makes it a premium gift.

The Book About You

The Book About You uses algorithms which take your date of birth to create a whole book of stats and facts that are relevant to you. Such data includes the total weight of food you have consumed so far in your life, to who was Prime Minister the Day you were born.

Again, there is more about the actual contents of the book in our blog post here.

The Book About You has been entered into the Digital Category of the 2018 Solution Awards. Like the Cars Collection, this book is printed on Pro Design paper (350 gsm) using the Canon i3000 Digital Press. The book is also matt laminated and printed again with black toner to accept the digital foil finishing on the cover. This finishing includes the recipient’s name and full date of birth, and a Book About You design.

The real strength of the Book About You lies in the fact that such a simple, small set of data (the recipient’s date of birth) can yield over 60 pages worth of information, totally unique to that date. Once we have received an order, our system takes the date of birth and delves into our extensive database of, well, data, to pick out the exact information that is relevant to that date. For example, if the date of 7th August 1968 was given, our system would find that as of their next birthday, the recipient will have been alive for 1,304 fortnights and 18,262 days. It will also know that René Cassin won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year of their birth.

This data and so much more is added to the book, and the amazing thing is that this data is generated within seconds, meaning that the book is ready to manufacture almost instantaneously. The i300 printer’s capability of printing variable data at a high speed really comes into its own with the Book About You, as there is just so much data that is different for every order. It really is quite impressive, even if we say so ourselves!

Two fantastic books in their own right, and when you scratch a little deeper under the surface you realise that they would just not be possible to produce without the technologies available to us, and the skilled hands that operate such intelligent machinery.

We would love to win at the Solutions Awards, so if you would be so kind, please vote for us using the following link!

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