What exactly is drop shipping?

As a retailer, you have probably come across the words ‘drop shipping’ before. It’s often bandied about as a corporate buzz word, making something sound fancier than it is.

Jargon aside, drop shipping is a really useful service, and when utilised correctly, can benefit your business greatly. Drop shipping is not just a service that we at Signature Gifts offer, it is one of our core functions, putting us at the top of the market in drop shipping capabilities.

Drop shipping essentially means businesses can sell and dispatch orders to their customers without ever having to handle or hold any of the goods. Read on to see how working with Signature Gifts and their drop shipping service can benefit you and your business.

Once you have signed up with Signature Gifts and added our products to your website, you will then have the ability to browse our Trade Portal, a vast catalogue of all our personalised products. You can use the Trade Portal to then purchase items that will have been ordered by your customers from your website. The great thing about ordering from our Trade Portal is that there is no minimum order.

Many businesses that do not use the drop shipping model often find themselves ordering items in bulk from wholesalers, and then not being able to sell everything, leaving them with losses in profit and stock that will ultimately have to be destroyed to free up room in their holding area, be it a factory or industrial unit. Our customers can order how many items they need, when they need them. They will have already taken the money from their customer, so the profit from the order has already been made.

Once you have picked the items you would like to order for your customer, you will go through the checkout process, and notice that you will be able to select your customer’s address in the delivery field. Great news! The item can be dispatched directly from the Signature production facility in Bladnoch, Scotland, and delivered directly to your customer.

This means you never have to hold any physical stock and reduces pesky administrative work suck as packing and dispatching orders. This also means you have no need for a large, costly working area to store stock, and could potentially mean you only require a laptop and an internet connection to work; your office can become anywhere you like it to be. It will save you money in employing extra staff members to help with the packing and dispatching. Additionally, by using Signature to drop ship your orders, the dreaded stock takes can now be a thing of the past!

As the busy periods of the year approach (yes Christmas, we’re talking about you here), you will probably start to worry about the increasing volume of orders, and your customers receiving their goods in time before the big day. Drop shipping will ease those fears. Our production team will ensure all products are made up and sent out in time for Christmas, and you will be kept in the loop about cut-off dates for orders and any other order queries you may have by our dedicated customer services team.

The Key Accounts team as they are known are a friendly gang and are always happy to help and make sure your customers receive their orders swiftly. James Paton is the Key Accounts manager, and as someone who has worked at Signature for several years, knows the order and production process like the back of his hands. You’re safer than a safe wrapped in bubble wrap locked in the middle of Fort Knox. Again, this relieves the stress for you and reduces the need to employ extra staff.

At Signature Gifts, we have a lot of different products to offer. Personalised books, alcohol, newspapers, ceramics, and textiles are just but a few of our product ranges. If you were buying this stock in to your shop/warehouse, then you would be limited in what you could afford, but as you are ordering as you go and haven’t got to hold stock, then you can choose as many of our products to add to your listings as you want! There is no risk to you, and of course the more choice of products you have on your website, the better chance there is of making a sale. And at the end of the day, that’s what we want for you.

We only progress if you do, and we firmly believe that drop shipping is the way forward.
If you haven’t yet signed up with us, and are a retailer looking for a great company to drop ship high quality personalised items directly to your customer, then Signature Gifts are for you. Give us a call on 07825 784533 and speak to the wonderful Mr Jed Barton, a man who can give you all the information you should require.

If you’d like to e-mail us, then please e-mail [email protected]

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