Dinosaurs – 65 Million Years Extinct Yet Still A Great Learning Tool For Kids

As a young boy, I loved kicking a football about in the street with my friends in my favourite Aston Villa shirt, it was most definitely one of my favourite things to do. I also took a keen interest in dinosaurs. They fascinated me – larger than life creatures who roamed the Earth millions of years ago, only to die out in an apocalyptic disaster, with the only clues to their lives left behind in the fossilised forms of their skeletons. This interest was probably boosted with the release of Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park (yes, the original, and yes I am showing my age by stating this).

I was sure to ask for dinosaur toys for my birthday, and my bedroom walls were plastered with posters of T-Rex and his mates (not Marc Bolan however, I’m not that old). My parents even bought me a weekly dinosaur magazine that came with a small segment of a T-Rex model. Many months and a considerable amount of my parent’s hard-earned cash later, the model T-Rex was completed, only to fall off a bedside cabinet, cutting deep wound into my hand. When most people grow up, they leave the dinosaur phase behind them, but dinosaurs had literally left a mark on me for life!

Life Uh, Finds A Way

Whether it is popular culture such as the Jurassic Park films or The Land Before Time, or even an adventurous curiosity with real-life monsters,obsession with dinosaurs is something most children go through. I now have a 2-year-old daughter who, thanks to YouTube videos, can now successfully identify a Velociraptor (her pronunciation is a little off, but I’ll forgive her for now), but whether she will share her father’s (admittedly short-lived) aspirations of becoming a palaeontologist remains to be seen. The point is, kids dig dinosaurs.

Some may even grow up to literally dig dinosaurs. Kenneth Lacovara was another young boy with a huge interest in dinosaurs. His interest refused to fade however, and in 2005 grown-up Kenneth who was now a palaeontologist, discovered a giant plant-eating dinosaur in southern Patagonia. He even got to name it. How cool is that!? In a 2016 TED talk, Kenneth emphasised that although most people will grow out of their ‘dinosaur phase’, the impact that these creatures on their lives had should be valued as much as any palaeontologist, no matter how short the time-frame.

Learning With Dinosaurs

In fact, a 2008 study by Alexander et al. found that intense interests in a conceptual domain such as dinosaurs can help develop children’s knowledge, increase their attention span, and harness deeper information-processing skills. That explains why I’m such a smart cookie.

Joking aside, research has shown that interest in dinosaurs to be intellectually beneficial to children, as well as extremely entertaining.  What better way then, for dino-mad kids to continue their enjoyment of dinosaurs whilst at the same time boosting their education, than to give them their very own personalised storybook about dinosaurs? A Signature Gifts original, The Perfect Pet Dinosaur is a brilliant tale about a child who wants a pet dinosaur, and that child will always carry the name of the recipient! During the story, it becomes clear that owning a dinosaur as a pet may not be such a good idea after all!

Pre-Historic Poetry-In-Motion

As well as featuring these giants of history, the story itself has been written in a rhyming format which will delight readers young and old.

Kat Whittingham, author of the book, had great fun writing it.

“I knew I wanted to make the book as fun as possible – so of course it had to rhyme. Unfortunately this decision made the book much harder to write; there’s not much that rhymes with diplodocus.”

Throughout the book, various dinosaurs are mentioned. Classics such as T-Rex and Velociraptor make an appearance, as well as more unfamiliar names such as Ankylosaurus and Plesiosaur, which will no doubt be common knowledge for your average junior dino-enthusiast! Add the fact that the story literally involves them as the main character (their name even appears in the illustrations) means that this book is the perfect story to read at bed-time, lunch-time, hammer-time, any-time.

This Book Is Dino-Mite

29-year old (yes there’s my age again) me implores you to purchase The Perfect Pet Dinosaur, because 9-year-old me would have loved to have read it and would be asking you the same thing.

As with all our books, The Perfect Pet Dinosaur is available to purchase wholesale, and we will drop ship directly to you. The book is made to order in our purpose-built factory in Scotland, so it will never be out of stock. It is produced and dispatched within 2 working days, arriving with you quicker than a Pterodactyl on a rocket*.

Basically, there’s no real good reason not to add this book to your listings.

*Delivery method used for hilariously comedic purposes only. 100% more likely to be dispatched using more homo-sapien methods.

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