Our latest personalised book fully embraces this trend and will be a great addition to your listings. Here are 5 reasons why you should be interested in the Unicorn Adventure book.

1. The Unicorn Trend

In case you may have missed it, unicorns are kind of a big deal at the moment. In fact, popularity of the mythical, mono-horned creatures has been astronomical for some time now. Unicorns are everywhere. They have featured in music videos, starred in the hit children’s television series ‘My Little Pony’, and only a month ago they hit the headlines when it was reported that the England football team had been racing about on inflatable unicorns during their free time at the World Cup.

Any shop you walk into or visit online will almost certainly sell some sort of unicorn related product. There’s just no getting away from them. In the last month alone, there have been roughly 165,000 Google searches in the UK for the word unicorn. The demand is real and doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

2. Eye-Catching Colour

Unicorns are synonymous with rainbows, and the Unicorn Adventure Book has fully taken this connection on board, plastering each page with more colours than you could shake an illuminated stick at. The front cover is a prelude to the book’s content, a big rainbow stretches from one side to the other, and the main character of the book prances playfully at the forefront, its golden hooves and multi-coloured tail and mane dominating the scene.

In the backdrop, a bright pink castle with golden doors can be seen. This abundance of colour will appeal to any youngster, especially fans of unicorns, who will be keen to explore each page in detail, feasting upon the visual platter that the book serves up. Images of the cover will also do well on your website, customers will automatically be drawn to its aesthetic allure.

3. Time for a Rhyme

“The clouds were made of marshmallow fluff, the trees were lollipops, and houses were all gingerbread and patterned with gum drops”

A fantastic feature of the Unicorn Adventure Book is that the story rhymes throughout. Not only is rhyming a fun way of reading, by signing and re-telling familiar rhymes and rhyming stories we teach children to retell them independently from a very young age.

Gregory Denman’s 1988 study concluded that children thrive on the rhythm of a word or the flow of a stanza, and that children should be exposed to rhyming stories on a regular basis. The Unicorn Adventure Book is the perfect reading tool for young ones.

4. An exciting adventure

The imagination of a child is a treasured commodity and something that can often peter out with the onset of adulthood and the mundane responsibilities that come with it. Children can dream of far-away lands, illogical situations, and magical beings. The Unicorn Adventure Book follows the journey of a particular unicorn who is bored of their own day-to-day life in the same place and decides to find a new home.

Children will love the different places the unicorn visits, a tangible grasp of their own impossible visions. When the book has been read, it won’t be long before the book is re-opened, and the adventure begins again.

5. Personalised to perfection

It is one thing for a child to be involved in a story, that’s just the joy of reading. It is another, quite entirely however, to be in the story. The Unicorn Adventure Book is personalised, meaning that the child becomes the unicorn, their name appearing throughout the text.

What’s more, the child’s name also appears in the colourful illustrations, an extra game for them to try and spot each illustrated name. Additionally, the child’s name appears on the front cover and on the inside page. The inside page also has room for a personal message from the good soul who has purchased the book.

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