80 (yes eighty) years ago today, Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson released the first ever issue of children’s comic The Beano.

The first character to grace the front page was wacky Ostrich ‘Eggo’, and a ‘Whoopee Mask’ (no, we’re not sure either) came free with each copy of the first edition, of which only 25 issues are still known to exist.

The Beano was and always has been about fun and pure unadulterated anarchy. Its characters are always getting themselves into hilarious and wacky situations, and over time some of these have become household names. Today, they are national treasures. Arguably the biggest of these names is Dennis the Menace, who first appeared in 1951.

Alongside his trusty dog Gnasher who joined him in 1968, Dennis would constantly be up to no good, causing mayhem wherever he would go. Dennis’ popularity had risen enough to see him as the new cover star, a position he is still in today after replacing Biffo the Bear in 1974.

The Beano Annual has been in publication since 1939 and is a mega-collection of comic strips featuring the usual characters and other favourites from that relevant year. The annuals are traditionally published in the late summer in time for Christmas and have been the highlight of the year for children for over eight decades!

The 2019 Beano Annual is the 80th Beano Annual, and with ownership of the Beano license, we have now released the official personalised 2019 Beano Annual. The 2019 annual follows its predecessors for huge servings of humour and hilarity, dollops of wackiness, and a generous side-order of irresponsibility! The best part about this annual is that it can be personalised with the recipient’s name on the cover and then on the top of every page. There is also a special page to add their name and a personal message. The perfect gift for any young Beano fan, be it for now or for Christmas!

With the 2019 Beano Annual getting the full attention from the kids, the older generations may be wistfully thinking about the Beano Annuals they unwrapped with joyful glee ‘back in the day’. When, perhaps, it was Biffo the Bear and not Dennis the Menace on the front cover, and when flying Alien Jack Flash was still a regular strip.

The second of our Beano releases could well appeal to those looking back. The Beano Annual from Your Year is, well, the Beano Annual from your year! Our licence means we have every Beano annual from 1940 to 2013, and what’s more each one will be personalised with the recipient’s name and a personalised message on the opening page.

It has never been a better time to list these Beano products, as #Beano80 reaches its nostalgic peak!

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