Selling Our Products

Looking for unique personalised gifts to sell?

Why Partner With Us?

  • Award winning products that your customers will love, which means more sales and higher profits.
  • No inventory, no risk – each gift is custom printed and sent directly to your customer.
  • Wide range of attractive and popular titles for different age groups and every occasion all year round.
  • We manufacture all of our products for quality control and we conduct business with high integrity. We love our trade partners!

How To Sell Our Products

Our range of personalised books and gifts are sold via many leading mail order and online retailers; however, we can cater to all sizes of business.

All of our gifts are created to make it easy for a retailer to set up, with standardised templates on the personalisation, product information sheets, flip book technology (for our children’s books), and plenty of product and lifestyle images you can use.  There’s no minimum order quantity for any of our products, so you can list what you like with no obligation.

If you want to become a re-seller or retailer, simply fill in this form to show us you’re interested, and we’ll give you the tools to get up and running quickly!  Signing up with us means you can buy at wholesale discounted prices.

Please allow 24 hours for review of your application, but you can reach out to us at any time if needed.  We look forward to working with you!

PLEASE NOTE – We sell directly on Amazon and do not accept any wholesale/retail customers who sell on this marketplace.

Due to this reason we will unfortunately refuse any orders that have been sold on Amazon.

Product Set Up

Once you’ve signed up with up us, the next step is getting our amazing products on to your website! 

We’ve made this process as simple and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to spend less time on the fiddly bits and more time getting sales! Choose from the below methods, depending on your own personal preference. 

This is designed as a quick manual method for you to get all the product information in one click for a specific product to add to your website.

All the basic information you need to sell a product via e-commerce, can be copied directly from our portal site. The product name, description, retail price & personalisation information is all included along with a URL for a product image that can be downloaded or referenced in your website. Data is structured so a developer could create an import routine for this data but this is a fairly slow method if you want a lot of products.

Our ‘Bulk Upload’ feature is one of our latest services and is a fantastic way to gather the information for several products at once. Uploading products to your website has never been easier!

Product data is supplied so it can be uploaded to your website in an XLS or CSV format – you can choose to download all products or just select the products you want.

CLICK HERE for more information about our Bulk Upload facility

Choose how you import orders

Processing orders couldn’t be easier. Choose the import option that suits you and your business.

Trade Portal


  • Ideal for less than 10 orders a day
  • Later 12 Noon order cut off
  • Photo Upload
  • Message Tag
  • Order History
  • Order Tracking

CSV File Import


Gateway API


  • Third-Party Software Company
  • Will facilitate product set-up and orders via their system
  • Orders sent by Gateway to us via API
  • Issues can take longer to resolve
  • Requires some admin time to set up

Custom API

Contact for Quote

  • Ideal for 50+ orders a day
  • Less Import Queries
  • More efficient order management
  • Later 12 Noon order cut off
  • Requires IT work from customer and Signature
  • No more than 100 hours development work needed

Help & Assistance


New Trade Queries

Amrita Pearce

Tel: 01582 464809

Email: [email protected]

Order Queries

Key Accounts & Customer Service Teams

Tel: 03300 669300

Email: [email protected]                                                  [email protected]

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