Bulk Order Import Tool

Our ‘Bulk Import’ tool allows you the customer to easily manage high volumes of orders without the hassle of manually inputting each order through the trade portal. The minimum requirement for usage is 10 individual orders per day. Any file received with under 10 orders will be rejected.

The Bulk Import tool can be found under the ‘My Account’ section and will only be available to customers who have been approved for usage. Should you wish to enquire about having this option, please click here

When the tool is enabled, click on ‘Create CSV’ (as above) and in the ‘Product Lookup’ field, enter the name of the required product or its SKU. You can add as many products as you wish to at this point. When you have your required products, click the green ‘Download’ button. This will then download a csv file with these products.

The csv file (below) has been formatted to work on our system. You will need to then enter your order details for each product including delivery address and personalisation and a unique order reference. You will need to duplicate any rows where you want more than 1 of the same product.

For delivery, ‘RM48’ is added as default. For any other
delivery methods, please replace this data from the below key.

UK Delivery

  • RM24 – Royal Mail 24 Hour Service
  • RM48T – Royal Mail 48 Hour Service (Tracked)
  • RM24T – Royal Mail 24 Hour Service (Tracked)
  • URG – APC Courier Service

International Delivery

  • S- Standard
  • UG – Urgent


Standard delivery prices apply.

Should you require chargeable additions such as a gift box
or message tag, please a ‘Y’ to the relevant column on the csv.

Should you wish for an example csv, please click here.

Once you have finished, save the csv file on your computer.

Head back to the Bulk Order page, and now click on ‘Upload CSV’. Drag or upload your file into the box and click submit. The file with your orders will then be sent to our Key Accounts team who will automatically process the orders in bulk for you. The file needs to be received by our team no later than 10 am on a working day for it to count as the 1st day of production. Orders received after this time will be processed, but day 1 of the production cycle will not start until the next working day.

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