The Perfect Pet Dinosaur

Dinosaurs – 65 Million Years Extinct Yet Still A Great Learning Tool For Kids As a young boy, I loved kicking a football about in the street with my friends in my favourite Aston Villa shirt, it was most definitely one of my favourite things to do. I also took a keen interest in dinosaurs. […]

The Book About You

Books often written by sports personalities, actors, musicians, and any other celebrity you can think of. They sell well as it is usually a fascinating insight into the life of somebody who does not live the ‘norm’ or go through the day-to-day routines of members of the general public. In fact, ‘regular’ people are rarely […]

Star Wars Galactic Atlas

May The Fourth Be With You! For anyone unsure of the references that they may hear around the workplace, shops or anywhere else they may venture, today’s date (4th May) can be used in a clever pun that imitates on of the most iconic lines in cinema history. “May The Fourth Be With You”. This immortal […]

Celebrating 100 years of the RAF

Easter Monday; 01/04/1918 – A Historic Date As we fast approach Easter Sunday, which this year falls on Sunday 1st April, we would like you to take a moment to imagine yourselves exactly 100 years ago. Coincidentally, you would have been celebrating Easter that weekend too. The 1st April 1918 was Easter Monday, and the […]

Beano Updates

Please delist the following SKUs by April 1st 2017 Product Title  SKU / MPN Beano Calendar A3 + A4 040103010100 / 040103010200 Beano ‘Christmas’ book (all options) 080402000110 / 080402000120 Beano ‘Happy Birthday’ – Soft back book 080401000110 / 080401000120 Beano Birthday Mischief Poster (all options) 160102030001 / 160102030004 Beano Birthday Party Poster (all options) […]

Signature Gifts – EST. 2003

The act of giving gifts to friends and family is ingrained in the very fabric of human culture and can be traced back throughout the history of mankind. It can define the very essence of who we are, and has a strong potential to express our deepest thoughts and emotions. Time after time, the very best […]

Books – The Benefits For Children & Marketing

The Problem; According to Reading Agency, children in England have the least positive attitude towards reading, with only 26% of 10 year old’s enjoying reading, compared to 46% in Portugal, 42% in Georgia, 35% in Romania and 33% in Azerbaijan. Statistics also show the majority of children to do not daily, in fact – only 37% […]

Spring Fair 2018

Once again, the NEC in Birmingham put on a fantastic event for all its exhibitors, as another successful Spring Fair drew to its conclusion. The 2018 Spring Fair was our one of our busiest yet, and it was a thrill to share some of our exciting new products with you all, as well as showcasing some […]

A Fair Way To Progress: Why We Exhibit

Bon-Voyage, Santa! Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year according to Andy Williams, and the busiest time of the year for Signature Gifts. From October through to the festive period, the hatches are battened down for everyone at Signature; from the customer service team in Harpenden, to our production facilities in Bladnoch and Stoke, everybody pulls […]

Meet the Team!

As a valued customer, we are sure you are well acquainted with our amazing personalised products, but have less knowledge about the hardworking, dedicated team that make the magic happen. ‘Meet the Team’ will be asking each member of the Signature Gifts family a series of questions which will help you get to know them […]

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