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What You May Have Missed Q1 2020

At Signature we pride ourselves on releasing new product every month (sometimes every week), so here’s a few things from the last quarter, just in case you missed them. Peter Rabbit Birthday Surprise Board Book Created for toddlers with an early learning challenge on each page along with their name. This is the perfect birthday […]

At Signature we pride ourselves on releasing new product every month (sometimes every week), so here’s a few things from the last quarter, just in case you missed them.

Peter Rabbit Birthday Surprise Board Book

Created for toddlers with an early learning challenge on each page along with their name. This is the perfect birthday gift for little ones.

RRP £17.99

On This Day Football Books

Adding to our popular personalised On This Day sports books, the following football teams are now available with an embossed name on the cover.

Ireland, Norwich, Sheffield Weds, Stoke, Ipswich, Aberdeen, England, Scotland, Wolves, Watford, Southampton, Charlton, Derby, Hibernian, Hearts, Birmingham.

The above are all in addition to the original 14 titles available.

RRP £14.99

The world was shocked by the tragic death of this basketball legend in January. To commemorate his career with the LA Lakers the man who was dubbed ‘one of the greatest basketball players of our time’ has his legacy summed up through news coverage from the games as they took place.

Available in purple leatherette or black leather

RRP from £44.99

Personalised Mermaid Story Book

Personalised Mermaid Book for Children Perfect for little swimmers and those obsessed with magical creatures. This personalised mermaid book takes your little one on a journey to the bottom of the ocean while also setting challenges on each page. Can they count the mermaids, and find the shiny treasure? Available in hard or soft cover versions

RRP from £14.99

Where’s the Magical Unicorn Poop

An odd combination which is proving very popular; unicorns and poop. Not only is the objective of this book to find glittery swirls of poo, but the recipient’s name is hidden, not once, not twice, but three times! Some pages will have you tearing your hair out to find the personalisation but we guarantee it is there!

RRP from £17.99

Build-a-Bear: How We First Met

Licensed with Build-a-Bear, this official story book is our most advanced yet. Not only is the story personalised with the child’s name, but their very own bear also appears throughout the book. Going the extra mile, each illustration is personalised to include the child’s bear, and their bear’s outfit. Eight bears to choose from – leave them undressed or choose from four ready-made outfits – or eight tops and seven bottoms to make combos from. Then choose whether to add one of five pairs of shoes, one of two pairs of glasses, and/or one of seven head accessories… that’s a total of 88,704 combinations (trust us we’ve done the maths!)

RRP £24.99

Top Books for Mother’s Day

View our Top books for Mother’s Day. Choose titles that resonate with your customers from our large selection.

Choose the books which connect with your audience. We have numerous titles dedicated to this occasion.


Best Sellers With Mum in Mind

9. Chilli & Bubble’s Little Book for Mum

This little book for Mum has been around for a while, but with a brand new size and updated imagery, you’d be mad not to include it within your Mother’s Day listings. There’s a reason we’ve kept it around so long; this quirky little book is filled with sentiments such as “You spoil me rotten…and I like it” and “I don’t even mind you’re on Facebook”. Designed with the idea of grown-up kids (who maybe understand what a pain in the bum they were/are) who wish to thank their mum… without being too mushy.

8. Purple Ronnie’s Little Poems for Mums

A relatively new launch, this licensed book from Purple Ronnie includes our Just for You giftbox within the price and is packed full of colourful pages of complimentary poems, all worded as if the recipient wrote them (don’t worry we won’t tell her they didn’t).

6. I’d Do Anything for You, Mum

Another title that’s been around for a little while, this book is part of our I’d Do Anything range. Each double page lists something silly you’d do to prove your love for the recipient. Who wouldn’t arm wrestle an octopus for their mum?!

4. My Mum

From the point of view of a young child, this book includes realistic rhymes about every day life – and how Mum is awesome at everything.

3. The Mum

From Ladybird’s hysterical How it Works range for grown-ups, The Mum includes . Giving The Mum as a gift will at least acknowledge that she does everything – even if it’s not a promise to help out in future. Ideal gift to give the mother of your children.

...and finally, our best-seller.....

7. Tiny Tatty Teddy: I Love You Mummy

Full of squishy hugs and rhyming couplets, this sweet little title is perfect for younger children to buy for mum – or (let’s face it) for dad to buy on behalf of younger kids, to then give to mum.

5. Five Forget Mother’s Day

Part of the Enid Blyton for Grown-ups spoof range, this short novel is full of humorous observations about modern life. Ideal for mums who grew up  reading the adventures of Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timothy (yes those are the characters’ actual names).

2. Creative Colouring

A personalised colouring in book for adults. Mum can de-stress and practice her mindfulness. Available in a choice of covers and sizes, customers can afford the gift of calm on any budget.

1. The Book About YOU

All about the number one person on Mother’s Day. It’s got a choice of covers, a gift box and is choc-full of facts. If this doesn’t put a smile on her face, maybe it’s time to get a new Mum…

Pricing Changes

Pricing Changes Signature Books has conducted a strategic review of our price positioning, product range and format, and will be implementing a number of changes In part these changes are to bring us in line with our competitors, but also to mitigate some hefty cost increases on paper and materials. We have held pricing on […]

The Solutions Awards 2018 – Our Nominated Books

Earth Island’s 2018 Solution Awards are a celebration of companies who have pushed the boundaries of innovation in print, packaging and design in the last 12 months. After reaching the final in 2017, we at Signature Gifts are hoping to go one better this year with two of our products that have been nominated. We’d […]

5 great personalised books for Christmas

Christmas 2018 – 5 Great Personalised Books to Purchase The glorious summer of 2018 will live long in the memory. The sun had completely forgotten its annual agreement to remain hidden behind gloomy clouds and beamed down in all its magnificence, as the nation soaked up the rays. Whilst the weather remains perky on the […]

Personalised Beano Annuals: 2019 & From Your Year

80 (yes eighty) years ago today, Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson released the first ever issue of children’s comic The Beano. The first character to grace the front page was wacky Ostrich ‘Eggo’, and a ‘Whoopee Mask’ (no, we’re not sure either) came free with each copy of the first edition, of which only 25 issues […]

Personalised Unicorn Adventure Book

Our latest personalised book fully embraces this trend and will be a great addition to your listings. Here are 5 reasons why you should be interested in the Unicorn Adventure book. 1. The Unicorn Trend In case you may have missed it, unicorns are kind of a big deal at the moment. In fact, popularity of the […]

The Power of Drop Shipping

What exactly is drop shipping? As a retailer, you have probably come across the words ‘drop shipping’ before. It’s often bandied about as a corporate buzz word, making something sound fancier than it is. Jargon aside, drop shipping is a really useful service, and when utilised correctly, can benefit your business greatly. Drop shipping is […]

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