SPG Out Of Stock & Discontinued Items

Subscribe to our mail chimp to stay up to date with product and production news * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Birthday /( mm / dd ) Company Name     Out Of Stock Products Apologies for the inconvenience caused by these products being listed as out of stock. We are […]

The Solutions Awards 2018 – Our Nominated Books

Earth Island’s 2018 Solution Awards are a celebration of companies who have pushed the boundaries of innovation in print, packaging and design in the last 12 months. After reaching the final in 2017, we at Signature Gifts are hoping to go one better this year with two of our products that have been nominated. We’d […]

5 great personalised books for Christmas

Christmas 2018 – 5 Great Personalised Books to Purchase The glorious summer of 2018 will live long in the memory. The sun had completely forgotten its annual agreement to remain hidden behind gloomy clouds and beamed down in all its magnificence, as the nation soaked up the rays. Whilst the weather remains perky on the […]

Personalised Beano Annuals: 2019 & From Your Year

80 (yes eighty) years ago today, Dundee-based publishers DC Thomson released the first ever issue of children’s comic The Beano. The first character to grace the front page was wacky Ostrich ‘Eggo’, and a ‘Whoopee Mask’ (no, we’re not sure either) came free with each copy of the first edition, of which only 25 issues […]

Personalised Unicorn Adventure Book

Our latest personalised book fully embraces this trend and will be a great addition to your listings. Here are 5 reasons why you should be interested in the Unicorn Adventure book. 1. The Unicorn Trend In case you may have missed it, unicorns are kind of a big deal at the moment. In fact, popularity of the […]

The Power of Drop Shipping

What exactly is drop shipping? As a retailer, you have probably come across the words ‘drop shipping’ before. It’s often bandied about as a corporate buzz word, making something sound fancier than it is. Jargon aside, drop shipping is a really useful service, and when utilised correctly, can benefit your business greatly. Drop shipping is […]

Personalised Collection Books

Personalised Collection Books There have been some big movements and progression in the production of books at Signature Gifts in the past 12 months. Our range of children’s and adult’s books has grown with the acquisition of many different licences which have complemented our own books that have been written and designed in-house. You, our […]

A3 Football Newspaper Book

2017/18 Football Season Review Our unique personalised A3 football newspaper books have now been updated to include the highlights from the 2017/2018 football season. Our books cover 61 football teams from around the UK and contain the best moments of their history from newspaper articles, giving an authentic look at how their results were perceived […]

The Ultimate Cars Collection

The Ultimate Cars Collection Book is now live! It has over 100 pages and contains the stories from all three of the Cars films. There are also an additional five stories that do not appear in any of the Cars films, plus the book starts with a story that is personalised to feature your child! The personalised nature of the book continues, with your child’s name […]

The Perfect Pet Dinosaur

Dinosaurs – 65 Million Years Extinct Yet Still A Great Learning Tool For Kids As a young boy, I loved kicking a football about in the street with my friends in my favourite Aston Villa shirt, it was most definitely one of my favourite things to do. I also took a keen interest in dinosaurs. […]

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