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Sell our products in 3 simple steps!

Step 1. Review & Select Products

    • Product Catalogues By type
    • View Product on Website
    • View Books on Website
    • Product Summary Brochure

Step 2. Add Products to Your Website

Please note that there are some special considerations for when adding Personalised Product to your website please take a look at Understanding Signature Product Data.

Step 3. Select Order Method

Looking to sell in-store?

We have several options that can make this easier.

  1. Simple White Label Website for use on your own PCs or Tablets connected direct to our ordering system
  2. Take orders on paper forms and type them into our portal to order
  3. QR codes

Customer scans QR code on a poster using their phone or tablet, completes personalisation & order - with sale allocated to you

Starter Pack cost is £250 & includes:

  • Up to 10 QR codes unique to store & product
  • 10 product samples for display
  • 4 x A3 posters & 4 x A4 showing QR codes & product images

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Scan our example QR code below for a demo of how it works

Useful features available with all solutions

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