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5 Reasons to List Frozen 2 on Your Website

Personalised Frozen 2 Book

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll know about a certain Disney film featuring a talking snowman, a queen with magical powers, and a song that got stuck in your head whether you wanted it to or not.

Frozen became the highest-grossing film in 2013 and to date is the fifteenth highest-grossing film of all time.

Six years later, and the world eagerly awaits Frozen 2, the most highly anticipated sequel since the second episode of the Who Shot Mr Burns? Simpsons episode.

With just a few weeks remaining until its release, Signature Gifts are excited to announce the launch of our official Frozen 2 personalised book which is available to purchase now!  Read on for five great reasons to list this fantastic product.


1.The Frozen Franchise

Frozen’s box office success led to the emergence of the Frozen Franchise. Everything from television spin-offs and short films to Broadway musicals and theme parks solidified the Frozen franchise as part of popular culture.


Sales of Frozen merchandise shot through the roof as demand hit an unprecedented high.


Personalised book sales were no exception to this, and here at Signature Gifts our personalised Frozen book is still doing well, some six years after the film was first released. We have a strong feeling that Frozen 2 will be no different!


2. Believe the Hype

The buzz for Frozen 2 is palpable. When the first trailer hit the internet earlier this year, it received a record-breaking 116.4 million views in 24 hours.

The hype for Frozen 2 is real. It presents a real opportunity for retailers to capitalise in a big way, especially if merchandising sales of the original film are anything to go by.

A film, by the way, that had little to no fanfare to go with it. Frozen 2 in contrast, boasts support that is equivalent to the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

By listing our personalised Frozen 2 book, you are essentially giving yourself a free hit as customers search your site looking for their Frozen 2 fix.

3. The Power of Personalisation

Our personalised Frozen 2 book has a unique selling point lacking in most Frozen merchandise on the market – it puts the recipient inside the Frozen Universe.

The book is personalised with the recipient’s name on the front cover which is a lovely addition; but the real treat awaits them when they start turning the pages, realising that their name appears throughout.

In an instant, they have become a character in Frozen 2! They can now chuckle along with Olaf, marvel at Queen Elsa, and share the magical adventure that the heroes of Arendelle embark upon. There’s even space at the back of the book to add a photo of the recipient!

A lot of Disney’s appeal is for their audience to live and breath every moment of their creations, and our personalised Frozen 2 book delivers on this emphatically.

4. Christmas is Coming

Now you may not want to know this, but there are now less than 10 weeks to go until Christmas. Now is the time that shoppers begin their mad hunt for gifts in earnest, and what better gift than a book of one of the biggest films of the year!

It is perfect timing, and a book you’d be mad not to be listing for customers.

Frozen 2 will be one of the must-have commodities this Christmas and this book is a great match for children and grandchildren alike! There’s even a fancy gift box embossed with the iconic Disney Castle for you to present it inside for good measure!

5. The Wonder of Disney

Seriously, Frozen 2 is peak Disney. And what child doesn’t love Disney? You’d be hard pushed to find many adults who aren’t. By listing the personalised Frozen 2 book, you have yourself a solid A+ title, backed by a name that is known worldwide. Customers will be drawn to the branding and the safe knowledge that the content of the book will be worth their hard-earned money.

Frozen 2 is out in cinemas on the 22nd November. Our personalised Frozen 2 book is available NOW, meaning you still over 6 weeks to list the book and jump on the Frozen 2 bandwagon before release, not to mention the time in the build up to Christmas!

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