Christmas 2018 – 5 Great Personalised Books to Purchase

The glorious summer of 2018 will live long in the memory. The sun had completely forgotten its annual agreement to remain hidden behind gloomy clouds and beamed down in all its magnificence, as the nation soaked up the rays. Whilst the weather remains perky on the most part, we are now in September, meaning we all must face the inevitable: winter is coming.

As the nights draw in and the temperature cools, be cheered by the thought that with winter comes the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is certainly the shot in the arm you need to remove those winter blues, but it can also bring its own stresses; one of the most prominent being what to purchase your loved ones that won’t immediately be put to one side with a half-hearted “oh thanks this is what I wanted”, whilst their fleeting smile fades quicker than the sun during the winter solstice.

With this Christmas conundrum in mind, we at Signature Gifts thought we would help with a list of five of our personalised books, all of which will see you revered as a platinum deliverer in the eyes of the recipient. Stories will be told for years about your amazing gift, and how you single-handedly saved Christmas 2018. Okay, we may have exaggerated there, but nonetheless you will definitely be given a 10/10 review for your gift giving abilities.

1) Beatrix Potter Little Guides Series

First on our list, the Little Guides Series. A trio of books that contain excerpts from popular Beatrix Potter stories, cleverly used to give wise advice on the book’s subject matter. Each book is personalised with the recipient’s name which appears on the front cover and at the top of each page. There is also a space to add your own personal greeting which will appear underneath their name on the opening page. The book is also presented in a cream gift box with the image of Peter Rabbit embossed on the front. These products are highly popular and picked up a trophy at the 2017 Progressive Pre-School Awards. The combination of Beatrix Potter, gift box, and personalisation makes a choice of any of these books (or all 3) a very unique gift that will be treasured by whomever receives it.

2) Christmas Collection

This book could make you very popular as it can be given as a gift before Christmas Day itself. It brings together an assortment of festive stories which feature the recipient’s name in both the text and the illustrations. Perfect to read to kids in the dark December evenings as they urge the big day to arrive as quickly as possible. From a tale about Santa getting stuck up a chimney, to a cute adaptation of the nativity story, this 120-page book will keep children enthralled long after St. Nick has departed your home with a belly full of mince pies and whiskey. The child’s name is embossed on the front, and the book is available in a standard or deluxe size. Both sizes are presented in a special gift box with ‘Merry Christmas’ embossed upon its lid.

3) The Book About You

We all like to think of ourselves as modest, shy people, but when it comes to it you know that you really want it to be all about you. Make someone feel special and pretend to a be a bit more selfless than you really are by purchasing them The Book About You. This book takes personalised to a whole different level. Not only does it have the recipient’s name and date of birth on the cover, but the rest of the book uses this special date to give unique facts about the individual. From the approximate amount of food that they have eaten in their lifetime, to the FA Cup winner in the year they were born, this book has it all. They’ll love you for this gift, and you’ll probably end up getting yourself one.

4) Once Upon a Time

Some of the oldest and best-loved fairy tales have been compiled together inside this fantastic personalised book. Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack & The Beanstalk are amongst the classics in the book that have been given the personalised touch, with the recipient’s name appearing in the illustrations of each tale. The Once Upon a Time book is available in a standard A4 and deluxe A3 size, and both versions are embossed with the recipient’s name on the front cover. The book is also presented in a beautiful gift box for no additional charge. An enchanting gift for children to read and re-read over and over.

5) Big Sisters/Brothers are Great

Bringing another child into the world is an exciting, joyous prospect for the parents, but those emotions are not necessarily shared by new babies’ elder sibling, who may feel that their previously unquestioned position of number one child may come under serious threat. The personalised Big Brothers and Big Brothers are Great books are the perfect remedy for a bout of infant insecurity, as they address the older child by explaining all of the things they can do to be the best brother or sister. The new-born, or younger sibling’s name can be added to the book, as the story will explain to them what makes their older sibling great. Their name will appear on the cover and throughout the book in the text and the illustrations, and there is also space for a personal message on the opening page.

So, some great recommendations for the perfect personalised gift, and there are even more this way! Simply click on the ‘Home’ button at the top of this page, or here, and you will find a gateway to all of our products. Remember this article, and if you’re stuck again next year then re-visit and we will give you a whole bunch of new recommendations!

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