We can all agree that 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year, but how did it hold up sales-wise? If you’re currently deciding if you want a future in retailing personalised gifts online, this summary of the last year will be something you want to pay close attention to….

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Total Increase

With a start to this year, roughly the same as last year, we expected similar sales figures to 2019, but nobody could predict the outcome of the uncertain times thrown at us at the end of Q1 2019.

As you can see, the lockdown boosted online sales more than we could have ever predicted, giving us an overall increase in sales of 39%.

It could also be argued that people’s concern for mindfulness during these trying times has had an effect, with our Creative Colouring book sales jumping up by 88%

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Increase in Books

There was a 41% increase in book sales alone, which can be attributed to new lines, such as the Me and My Pet Avatar books, Disney Premium Collections, Mermaid book, and our I’d Rather Be range.

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Increase in SPG

Signature PG lines also increased this year across the majority of lines. We reported in an October blog post that booze sales had increased by 54%, but looking at SPG sales figures for the whole of 2020, personalised alcohol sales continued to rise.

In no way do we condone drinking as a lockdown coping mechanism, but it is proof that Brits are still celebrating occasions whenever possible.

Original Newspapers from our archive saw an increase of 19% across the year. Along with this, the creation of giftboxes and upsell items all contributed to a fantastic (if challenging) year overall.

Lockdown Sales Figures - April 2020

The UK lockdown announced at the end of March saw more people turn to online shopping than ever before. What has previously been viewed as a slow time of year suddenly saw a huge increase in sales, with figures rising 67% compared to April of 2019.

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Total Increase

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January Increase

With studies showing that once customers make the shift to online purchasing, they rarely shift back, now is the time to get onboard. Our Sales are continuing to rise year-on-year with January sales already 28% higher than in 2020 you’d be crazy to miss out on a piece of these profits. With uncertain times, this is the perfect chance to supplement your income.

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