The Ultimate Cars Collection

The Ultimate Cars Collection Book is now live! It has over 100 pages and contains the stories from all three of the Cars films. There are also an additional five stories that do not appear in any of the Cars films, plus the book starts with a story that is personalised to feature your child! The personalised nature of the book continues, with your child’s name […]

The Perfect Pet Dinosaur

Dinosaurs – 65 Million Years Extinct Yet Still A Great Learning Tool For Kids As a young boy, I loved kicking a football about in the street with my friends in my favourite Aston Villa shirt, it was most definitely one of my favourite things to do. I also took a keen interest in dinosaurs. […]

The Book About You

Books often written by sports personalities, actors, musicians, and any other celebrity you can think of. They sell well as it is usually a fascinating insight into the life of somebody who does not live the ‘norm’ or go through the day-to-day routines of members of the general public. In fact, ‘regular’ people are rarely […]

Star Wars Galactic Atlas

May The Fourth Be With You! For anyone unsure of the references that they may hear around the workplace, shops or anywhere else they may venture, today’s date (4th May) can be used in a clever pun that imitates on of the most iconic lines in cinema history. “May The Fourth Be With You”. This immortal […]

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