Personalised Collection Books

There have been some big movements and progression in the production of books at Signature Gifts in the past 12 months. Our range of children’s and adult’s books has grown with the acquisition of many different licences which have complemented our own books that have been written and designed in-house.

You, our clients, have benefited from this greatly. The choice of books at your disposal is rich and varied, and you now have the ability to pick between household names such as Disney and Penguin, and also our own books that have become a success in their own right such as the Perfect Pet Dinosaur. All of this, plus every book is personalised with the recipient’s name and a message from the gift giver. Our choice is now so great that picking the right books for your website/shop could well become problematic.

With this in mind, we have branched out to begin a range of collection books – all-in-one books that contain multiple stories from a specific genre. Our collection books will naturally contain many more pages, and be of a higher, more premium quality than our standalone story books.

Disney Collection Books

The Disney Princess Collection

Our first licensed collection book, The Disney Princess Collection Book was released near the end of 2017 and has to date been one of our best-selling books. As the title suggests, this 100-page book contains stories about eleven Disney Princesses, from the original princess Snow White to modern day heroines such as Tiana and Tangled’s Rapunzel. Each story tells the tale of the hit Disney films we have come to know and love and displays the best attributes of each princess that have made them role-models to children (and adults!) the world over.

The book’s presentation screams Disney Princess with it’s bright pink cover and golden embossed design and is definitely one of our most eye-catching products. The book is personalised with the recipient’s name embossed on the front cover and appears at the top of every page throughout the book.

The perfect gift for any Disney fan, this book is available in a standard (A4) or deluxe (A3) size. The appeal to your customers is enhanced further by the fact that the book is presented in its own gift box (the standard in cream, the deluxe in black). Both gift boxes are embossed with a wonderful design of the iconic Disney Castle, emphasising to the recipient that they have a ‘proper’ Disney gift.

The Cars Collection Book

With the success of the Disney Princess Collection, it was only natural to follow up with another Disney collection book, this time was the turn of the popular Cars franchise. The book contains stories from each of the 3 Cars movies, plus an extra FIVE stories that not featured on the big screen. Like the Princess Collection, the Cars Collection is personalised with the recipient’s name on the cover and at the top of every page throughout the book.

In addition, the book opens with a story that features the recipient, putting them in the Cars world. The vibrant red colour of the book matches the colour of the franchise’s hero, Lightning McQueen, whose image appears on the front cover, alongside the embossed Cars logo. Standard A4 and deluxe A3 sizes are available, and are presented in the same Disney gift box as the Princess Collection book.

Signature Gifts’ In-House Collection Books

Our Disney collection books are great, but we also have a couple of collections that have been written and designed in-house, one of which has just gone live!

Once Upon A Time: A Timeless Collection Of Fairy Tales

The most popular fairy tales have been collected and put together in this premium book which is also available in A4 standard and A3 deluxe sizes. The recipient’s name is embossed on the front cover and appears within the illustrations of each story. Each book is presented in a ‘Just for You’ gift box (cream for standard, black for deluxe). These gift boxes are now free of charge. With a foreword that provides history of the stories themselves, this book can be treasured long after the tales have been outgrown.

Christmas Tales Collection

Our newest collection book is the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones. The Christmas Tales Collection comprises of not one, two, three, four, but FIVE personalised festive stories that are all available to purchase individually from Signature Gifts but are now available together in smartly designed A4 and A3 sized books. The book’s red colour is synonymous with a certain jolly bearded man who rides a sleigh, and the iconic silhouette of Mr Claus and his reindeer flying through the night has been encapsulated perfectly in gold embossing on the front cover. Just like the rest of collection books, the recipient’s name is embossed on the front cover. Their name will also appear in the illustrations AND the text of each story, meaning any child who receives this book will feel invested as they are a part of each tale.

Our collection books will continue to grow in number, and the premium quality, size and free gift box mean they are great value for money for anyone who adds them to their listings.

If you would like to know more about our personalised collection books, please contact your account handler. If you are not yet signed up with Signature Gifts and would like to know more about our collection books or any of our other personalised gifts, please contact [email protected]

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